Hello, welcome to my shop, CAPABLE FATHER. We are a small business, operated with the help of my large family. Let me tell you a bit about us.

First, lets talk about where that name came from. Capable Father? In addition to being a full time artist, I am the stay/work at home parent to our 9 kids. Our family is a mix of biological and adopted kiddos. We are a huge, crazy, loud family; and I love it!

Years ago I became the stay at home parent when we began our foster care journey. At the time there were not many dads in the role of primary caregiver. At one point, including our special needs foster kids, I had 6 in diapers for a six month period! DAD POWER!

So, imagine me rolling into a dance competition (my four oldest daughters are competitive ballroom dancers) with anywhere from 6-12 kids, a double stroller, a diaper bag, dance costumes, and make-up; ready to do dance hair, a killer smokey eye, and give the baby a bottle! Not generally the dad zone!

The general reaction from the moms was that I was in way over my head, and impending disaster was near.  Also, way too many comments about a dads capacity to pull this all off. After yet another interaction with a dance partners mom where she was insistent that she check with my wife before making practice plans, my daughter said, "I am going to have a T-shirt made for you that says CAPABLE FATHER!"

Best. Compliment. Ever.

The name stuck, it became my mantra, my battle cry, my meditation, my aspiration, and my store name.

The Jewelry

I have always been a maker, furniture builder, stained glass, painter, creator person...its a compulsion. I must make things! My concept for my jewelry came after I had purchased several vintage chandeliers at an auction. The intention was to restore the chandeliers and either use them or sell them, that didn't happen. I was fascinated with the way the crystals moved light and fractured images. I combined this fascination with my love of art in vintage books. I started making a few pieces, my wife started wearing them, people started asking where they could get one....and a business was born! 

So there it is, thank you, nice to meet you!

Here are a few pictures of the crew!

This is "hot Mama".  I met her the summer I turned 14, and that was it for me! She took some more convincing....but if you met me at 14 you would understand why! She is a public school principal, got her masters degree while we had 6 special needs foster kids (11 kids total in the house at the time) and completing 4 adoptions! HERO!

Adoption day for our youngest. Everybody is so wiggly in this picture, its too funny!

Everyone pitches in to help with our business. The older kids help with packaging, shipping, assembly and work in the markets we attend. You will usually find at least one or two of the little ones in my market booth "helping" too. Everyday is bring your kids to work day here.

This one is totally convinced that if she dances and sings in front of the booth at the farmers market we will sell more jewelry.

This one is quite a businessman in the making, you will usually find him selling his own handmade bracelets in front of our market booth.

We are lucky enough to have twins as our oldest, so we never knew what it was like to have only 1 child. These two! Market masters!

This Kiddo is right in the middle, 4 older, 4 younger. The brute strength behind show load in and break down. Football all day every day.

Here is one of those ballroom dancing daughters I told you about.

Miss O is #4 of 9, also my personal style consultant.

I should keep it real too, when you have a huge family and work from home sometimes your laundry situation gets a little out of control. This is the "clean pile" conveniently located in the living room.


I cant forget the kids "puppy brother", Levi, our Rhodesian Ridgeback. 

Well, that's a little bit about us. Thank you for supporting our business! Be sure to follow our insatgram account, link at the bottom of the page.